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American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

Price: $324.95
Prod. Code: CS3

by Mascott

Made in England

King Height: 7" 

Chess Pieces: Heavy weighted plain theme chess pieces in crushed marble and resin complete with felted underlay

Chess Board Not Included: We offer a choice for you of two recommended high quality chess boards with sufficiently large squares to accomodate the proportions of these chess pieces. Our American War of Independence Plain Theme Chess Set is presented for you photographed right here at CheckmateChessSets on the Walnut & Maple Chess Board which you may purchase in the Chess Boards section at CheckmateChessSets.

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American Civil War Palin Theme Chess SetAmerican Civil War Plain Theme Chess SetAmerican Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

The scale of our American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set is just awesome. The King alone stands some 7" tall! Just take a look at the thimble in the first of our images below to see how it is simply dwarfed! Yes, the unequivocal nature of the statement our American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set will undoutdedly make wherever you decide to display is beyond doubt.

So, it's time to take your sides in the American Civil War! Abraham Lincoln versus Jefferson Davis. Who's side will you take? Yes, it's April 12, 1861 and we are at the harbour entrance to the port of Charleston, South Carolina!

The four year American Civil War, usually referred to today in the US simply as 'The Civil War' was about to commence. It was a war not expected by many to last very long! But both sides underestimated the other's resolve to win and it dragged out for four long years at a cost of some 620,000 lives.

The Union Side

The King is represented by Abraham Lincoln and the Queen by Mary Tod Lincoln...

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

Essentially, the Civil War was a war between the Northern states and the Southern states. But why? There were in fact a number of reasons for the disagreements and misunderstandings between the two regions - import tariffs, which hit the South states harder than the North and the erosion of political power in the South. But the issue of slavery was absolutely key... and certainly the most emotive of all the causes!

The Bishops are represented by Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman...

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

Slavery! Viewed by the North as an evil, the election of Abraham Lincoln, swept to power on a vow to abolish the slave trade during his Presidency, brought the issue to a head. The South, whose cotton industry relied heavily on the use of slaves, was fearful that their way of life was being threatened by the rise of the abolitionists in the North. Slaves were technically property and the US Constitution guaranteed an individual's right to own property.

The Knights are represented by cavalry officers...

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

The Castles are represented by the Capitol, Washington...

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

The Pawns are represented by Infantry Men...

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

Gradually, the Southern states began to break away from the United States - one by one. South Carolina was the first. And, by 1861, a new nation had been established - the Confederate States of America. Jefferson Davis was elected as its first president. So, here's our version of 'The Confederate Side'...

The Confederate Side

The King is Jefferson Davis and the Queen is represented by Verina Howell Davis...

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

The Bishops are Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, the Southern General who was to surrender to General Ulysses S. Grant, commander of the Northern forces at Appomattox Court House, Virginia some four years after the conflict had begun...   

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

The Knights are represented by Cavalry Officers...

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

The Castles are represented by the Capitol, Richmond...

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

The Pawns are portrayed as Infantry Men...

American Civil War Plain Theme Chess Set

During the war, the issue of slavery was finally resolved! The passing of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation effectively eradictaed the practice in principle. The subsequent 13th Constitutional Amendment in December 1865 officially banned it by making it a Federal offence.


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