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For all you golf enthusiasts out there...! A beautifully crafted golf chess set design based around one of the most popular games ever. 

A widely played game now maybe, but how did it all start? There are numerous therories. Some believe that the actual origins of the great game of golf date as far back as Roman times in the game paganica. But probably the most widely accepted belief is that the modern game as we might recognise it today originated in St. Andrews, Scotland with shepherds trying to hit balls into rabbit holes! This site is now of course the location of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, founded in 1754 and widely recognised as the birthplace of golf.

Also, did you know...? The longest golf course in the world is located in the Nullabor Plain, Australia. Stretching a massive 848 miles (1,365 km) it could  take you as long as a week to complete the 18-hole course! Starting at Ceduna on the coast and straddling the two states of South Australia and Western Australia, the idea is that players drive some 100km between  holes. Wombats, kangaroos crows and dingoes also feature in this golfing wildlife safari!

Golf Plain Theme Chess Set

by Mascott - Made in England

King Height: 5" (12.7cm)

Chess Pieces: Heavy weighted plain theme chess pieces in crushed marble and resin

Golf Plain Theme Chess Set

A whimsical portrayal of old golfers against new! St Andrews is used as the Castle for the old side and Turnbury Lighthouse for the new. The Pawns are delightfully represented by old and new golf bags.Specially commissioned by British sculptor Peter Calvesbert.  Click here to view product and close-up images


Your Assurance of Quality from CheckmateChessSets

At CheckmateChessSets, we are only prepared to offer to our customers golf chess sets of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Each of our golf chess pieces featured in this section of the website is derived from an original sculpture painstakingly crafted by a highly skilled craftsman. This original is then used to produce a master mould from which further moulds are created. It is into these moulds that a mixture of heavy ground or crushed stone which takes the form of a fine white powder (in the case of Studio Anne Carlton) or ground marble (in the case of Mascott) combined with a resin mixture is poured.

Once the sculpture has set it is then removed from the mould and either hand painted by skilled artisans to produce the decorated theme chess pieces or simply stained to produce the plain theme chess pieces. 

These beautiful golf chess sets which are yours to own are the result of this process, a process which creates a product of both natural durability and, crucially, also of the right medium to create the most intricate and exquisite detailed scuptures.

But we don''t want you just to take our word for it - thanks to our unique collection of high resolution close-up images you can see for yourself...right now!

Appreciating In Value

Our golf chess pieces are for the discerning collector and are of the quality that should appreciate in value over the years. We know that in many cases a golf chess set purchased here at CheckmateChessSets is destined to be handed on to the next generation with affection and pride. In fact, some of the older theme chess sets are already achieving excellent prices at auction.


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About your CheckmateChessSets products...

Our commitment to you and your complete satisfaction here at your CheckmateChessSets means that we are only prepared to present to you theme chess pieces and chess boards of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Derived from original sculptures, all the themed chess pieces featured within your catalogue here at CheckmateChessSets are authentic high quality items.


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